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Guangzhou Yanse Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Since its inception, has always been committed to the development of oil-absorbing paper, production and sales, many domestic and foreign skin care brands and gifts suppliers to provide OEM processing services, and its excellent quality, reliable Credibility to win the majority of customer recognition and trust.

The company's production of oil-absorbing paper is the use of exclusive development of the natural formula, through the current international most advanced manufacturing process, all ingredients are pure natural plant fiber, has been rigorously tested by SGS, in line with European and American export standards, and with many Top international brands have established long-term relationships, including Watsons, Amway Red Land (ESPRIT-redearth), Shiseido AVON, OPERA, and so on.

YANSECOS beauty oil-absorbing paper series allows you to have a natural fresh makeup, to maximize your elegant style.

YANSECOS beauty care products for the beauty of skin to create more beautiful possible. All along, the brand advocates easy to use the concept of each product R & D and production are originality, the full realization of the enterprise "to high-quality products to meet the needs of more beauty care" commitment.

Looking to the future, Yanse cosmetics will continue to professional quality and service as the basis, continuous technological innovation and product development, and the trend of synchronization, with a higher quality to meet customer demand for multi-level.

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